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Our Bridal Stylists cannot wait to show you our wedding dresses...

...and hear all about your wedding day!

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” —Helen Keller

“The Wedding Shoppe is the greatest! My consultant was amazing! She never once pressured me into purchasing a gown and was so friendly/patient and made sure that I was 100 percent happy with my decision. I never once felt rushed which was different from the other salons I went to. I did end up purchasing my dress from them and couldn’t be more excited to wear it for my wedding!”

— Brittany


When I’m not traveling to meet a new bridal designer, ordering the latest wedding gown fashions, or designing wedding dresses for our Wedding Shoppe brides, I am enjoying every moment with my three teenage daughters and my husband! Campfires, cook outs, and family time in our cottage up north are among my favorite moments.

Luckily, those moments are made possible thanks to my Wedding Shoppe family, who work diligently to ensure that every bride feels heard, has fun, and finds their dream dress! This was incredibly important to me when I first opened The Wedding Shoppe. To me, wedding gown and accessories shopping was uncomfortably commonplace everywhere I went, I knew that this bridal rite of passage had to be better! Brides deserved to have fun shopping for their wedding dress, their veil, and their jewelry. After all, when you find “the one” you should envision yourself walking down the aisle towards the love of your life and picture them catching their breath at the beautiful sight of you, right?! I was inspired to break the bridal store mold and open The Wedding Shoppe so that finding “the one” and all of its accessories could be the time of your life!

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Over the past 17 years, we’ve helped countless brides have fun finding their dream wedding dress and bridal accessories. We believe shopping for your wedding dress is a wondrous experience. A time when you should feel special, understood and heard. A time shared with your nearest and dearest. We make it our mission to help you fall in love for the second time in your relationship…this time with the wedding gown you wear on the day you walk down the aisle and become a wife. This is no ordinary shopping experience. Our boutique is your safe haven. No pushy sales women, no ordinary dresses you can find in any bridal store, no staff that seems inconvenienced by your presence. We love our brides! We can’t wait to hear all the details of your big day. You will love the process of discovering your perfect look. Our stylists help you put all the puzzle pieces together. With your help, we will find you the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of!

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Danielle Simone has been with The Wedding Shoppe since day 1. As the general manager, she oversees all of the employees, manages ordering, and travels the world searching for unique and beautiful gowns. Every Friday, Danielle leads staff meetings to ensure the team has gone above and beyond to service each and every customer. A self-proclaimed “complete opposite” of her sister, Wedding Shoppe founder, Michelle, Danielle says they work really well as a team.


Our Wedding Shoppe Stylists are so excited about your engagement. What an incredible time in your life and we get to be a part of it! We swoon over that ring on your finger, hearing how the love of your life popped the question, and chatting with you about your dream wedding to go with your dream dress!

We are your stylists and helping you find “the one” that makes you feel stunning is what warms our hearts each and every time. Our stylists are your wedding dress matchmakers.


Jen is our Sales Development Manager and a Bridal Stylist here at The Wedding Shoppe. Jennifer has a passion for local business and found her way onto this award winning, creative, incredible bridal team! She loves how this job allows her to build relationships, help brides find the dress of their dreams, and help her grow professionally! In addition to styling brides, Jen assists in keeping the front of the house moving, takes on all of the graphic design and marketing needs, keeps our bridal show booths looking great and ensures an incredible experience for each of our brides! What is the best part of the job to Jen? “It’s every part! It’s glam, it’s relationships, it’s creative, it’s details, it’s special!” We couldn’t agree more! Thanks, Jen, for taking such good care of us! XOX



Bre was a Wedding Shoppe bride, well before she worked at TWS. As a result, Bre spent her years as a stylist, making sure that every moment a bride spends in her appointment is special. When family obligations took Bre to the suburbs outside of Washington D.C., she refused to give back her key, so we created a position for her. Bre became our Special Events Coordinator and has been enjoying new challenges in digital marketing for The Wedding Shoppe. Bre herself, will tell you that TWS is her special place and she is certain, that after finding your dress, you will completely agree!



To Bridal Stylist Codi Hellmer, there’s nothing better than making a bride’s vision come to life. A member of The Wedding Shoppe team since 2011, she says The Wedding Shoppe is a happy place to be. The unique dress selection and commitment to always going above and beyond makes The Wedding Shoppe different to Codi. A very empathetic person, she listens really well and as a result, consistently delights her brides.



Bridal stylist Shawn Spears-Vilk joined The Wedding Shoppe team in 2016. A sales specialist, Shawn’s favorite part of her job is interacting with the brides. She says it was the reputation of The Wedding Shoppe that drew her to the job initially but it’s the people that prompt her to stay. Her uncanny ability to connect with brides plays a vital role in providing the excellent customer service she’s known for.



In 2013, Katie Declercq came into The Wedding Shoppe with her best friend. They loved their experience so much, her best friend bought a dress and Katie got a job. Today, Katie loves being able to give every bride the time she needs to have an ideal experience. Skilled at reading body language, she has a knack for picking up on things that aren’t said during an appointment, which empowers her to truly help brides make their dreams come true.



Bridal Stylist Jessica Stowinsky helps brides from the minute they walk in the door to the minute they walk out with their dream dress in hand. With more than 10 years of bridal industry experience, Jessica loves hearing a bride cry happy tears because she’s found the perfect gown. Often mentoring less experienced stylists, Jessica is proud to work for a company that’s dedicated to customer satisfaction.


We’re Hiring

When a bride finds “THE ONE” there are often cheers, tears and applause. The Wedding Shoppe is more than a job. We are in the business of making people happy. We create exceptional memories for our clients every day.

Brides choose The Wedding Shoppe because of:

– The experience we create

– Our award winning customer service

– Our exclusive selection

– Our charming atmosphere

Most brides learn about The Wedding Shoppe from friends, family and co-workers. This is because of the team members we select to join our family. We hold our team members to the highest standards because our clients deserve the very best. YOU are The Wedding Shoppe.

We are currently interviewing Sales Professionals with open availability.


Frequently found pinching herself to make sure she really has found her dream job, bridal stylist Haley McFarland loves the fast pace of The Wedding Shoppe and the way we create magical experiences for every bride. Since 2014, Haley has been working one-on-one with brides to identify the intricate details of gowns that fully express who they are. Aside from the brides she meets, she says it’s the hard working, like-minded Wedding Shoppe team that makes her want to stay long-term.



Marina considers it a true pleasure and honor to help brides find their gown while creating memories that last a lifetime. In 2015, she joined our team as an experienced Bridal Stylist. To Marina, it’s business as usual at The Wedding Shoppe when the team is listening to the bride’s they service and focusing on their unique needs and wants instead of on making the sale.  That’s simply the way good business is done!



Roberta is our administrative superwoman. She is the wild child of our team as well as the backbone!



Dressmaker and seamstress Elisa Colone is the visionary behind some of our most stunning dresses. With a keen eye for detail, Elisa sought out her position at The Wedding Shoppe because of it’s reputation for being the most beautiful, fashion forward store. For more than 20 years she’s been a head seamstress in top bridal stores throughout east Michigan and we were fortunate to welcome her to The Wedding Shoppe in 2017.



Christina Tomlinson has been fitting and altering wedding gowns as an alterations specialist at The Wedding Shoppe since 2015. When asked why she chose to work at The Wedding Shoppe, she told us she was drawn to the kind and supportive atmosphere that allowed her to get to know each bride personally. Often praised for her calm demeanor, she works tirelessly to ensure every bride she serves has a happy and memorable experience.



As a senior bridal stylist, Cheri Tucker loves getting to know her brides and learning about their vision for their wedding day. To Cheri, The Wedding Shoppe brides are like family, with each one being loved and cared about from beginning to end. Since 2011, she has been helping brides find their perfect dress, regardless of their budget, while helping them to create unique bridal looks that set them apart.



A fan of the popular TV show, Say Yes To The Dress, Bridal Stylist Rebecca McDowell never knew how much she would love working in the bridal industry, until she started doing it. She says The Wedding Shoppe is different because the team bends over backwards for every customer. A detail-oriented task management pro, she always makes the brides she serves her number one priority.



In 2013, The Wedding Shoppe welcomed Erika Stewart to the team. On a day-to-day basis Erika processes wedding gowns as a Bridal Specialist. She loves helping brides build their wedding vision. When asked how The Wedding Shoppe is different from other bridal stores, she said “We actually care about and listen to the bride. We don’t just seek the sale, we are comforters, supporters, friends, and consultants that truly care about their well-being.”



Kelly Cialone says it never gets old watching a bride light up when she sees her reflection in the mirror. As a bridal consultant, she works with brides and their families to ensure their vision becomes their reality. On the team since 2018, Kelly says working here makes her feel like she’s part of a family. Fueled by the bride’s happiness, she says at The Wedding Shoppe, it’s not about the sale, it’s about the bride.



Melissa Maybee has been a bridal stylist at The Wedding Shoppe since 2017. Drawn to the job because of The Wedding Shoppe’s impeccable reputation, she loves being part of a bride’s story. Gifted at authentically connecting with the brides she serves, Melissa says The Wedding Shoppe is different because they anticipate and solve problems before they happen. You’re most likely to see Melissa helping brides find their dream wedding gown.


The Bridal Stylists of The Wedding Shoppe would like to thank our GLAM SQUAD for everything they do to make us look and feel beautiful.  Thank you Mandy Kolewski and Morgan Getty.

We were so fortunate to have Lindsay Ann Photography

in The Boutique for the day.  She captured how much we love our jobs and each other, beautifully.





Our Wedding Shoppe Matchmakers want to hear all the romantic details! We gush over seeing that ring on your finger, hearing how the love of your life popped the question, and chatting with you about your dream wedding to go with your dream dress!

We are your Matchmakers and helping you find “the one” that makes you feel stunning is what warms our hearts each and every time.
We know how important it is to find “the one”! Our Matchmakers listen to everything you say and use their wedded intuition to help you find that dream dress all the while making you feel comfortable and full of excitement among your bridal entourage. Who knew trying on wedding gowns could be a fun chick-flick experience?! We did, of course! You might fall for the first dress you try on or choose a style you didn’t expect to love. Either way, your Wedding Shoppe experience is all about your whirlwind love affair between you and your wedding gown!