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You are not just preserving your wedding dress.....

You are preserving a memory

“What a wonderful experience we had! Marina was outstanding and took great care of me and my bridal party.”

- Joy

Hair: Mandy Kolewski
Make Up: Morgan Getty
Venue: Gem Colony Events
Photo Credit: j white photo

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You are not just preserving a gown. You are preserving a memory! Hanging your gown may cause sagging. Plastic bags promote mildew and fabric rot. Spots and stains become more difficult to remove with time…don’t delay!

Simply bring your gown and veil to The Wedding Shoppe. When your preservation is complete it is shipped directly to you!

Humidity, oxygen, pollutants and UV rays are major elements in promoting the aging of fabric. This airtight process protects better, longer!

The process includes:
Gown will be carefully inspected for spots and stains then delicately and expertly cleaned. Loose beading and other minor repairs are completed. Your gown is re-inspected for spots and stains. Any necessary re-cleaning or wet cleaning is performed. The gown is steam pressed, busted and stuffed with acid free tissue.
Gown is boxed and sealed with heavy grade Cryovac film. The hermetic seal around the display case will prevent encroaching insects and acid migration, pollution and moisture.

The custom-made carrying case serves as added protection against long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays.
Gown is now preserved and shipped back directly to you!

The cost of the basic gown preservation is $259. This price includes $500 in FREE shipping insurance and FREE shipping of the completed gown directly to your home or office!