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Finding the perfect dress can often feel like an accomplishment in its own right. Many brides also choose to add a veil to their bridal look, with endless options of fabric, color, and overall design. As with a wedding dress, it can take time to find your ideal veil that doesn’t overshadow your dress. With so many options on the market, there’s a veil out there for every bride on her big day. We recommend having your dress chosen beforehand, to make your veil search a bit easier. Here are some important details to consider when searching for your perfect veil.

Know Your Hairstyle

The Bridal Veil: Finding the Perfect Match for Your Wedding Dress

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Before going veil shopping, it’s good to know your bridal hairstyle for the big day. Many veils work best with a secure updo while others pair perfectly with hair worn down. You can also accessorize your veil with a simple comb, pins, feather clips and other accents. A good tip to keep in mind: you’ll need a more supportive hairstyle for longer or heavier veils. Don’t forget to bring your veil with you to any hair appointments as well so you can test out hairstyles that work best altogether.

Accent Your Dress

The Bridal Veil: Finding the Perfect Match for Your Wedding Dress

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Some of the most gorgeous bridal veils are those that compliment your wedding dress. If your dress is on the simpler side, don’t be afraid to add more details to your veil such as lace trim. For dresses with more embellishments and patterns, try to keep your veil less busy so you don’t draw focus. The color of your dress is important as well – you’ll want your veil to match its color exactly. For example, if your dress is all white, you won’t want a creme-colored veil. Take a look at your dress’ focal points as well. If it features a plunging open-back, try finding a veil that won’t cover its dramatic details.

Find the Perfect Length

The Bridal Veil: Finding the Perfect Match for Your Wedding Dress

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Perhaps the most important detail of finding the perfect veil is choosing the correct length. Consider the overall silhouette of your dress and how your veil will accent its details. You can test out several different lengths along the way to see which works best, from a full-length veil to a shorter, more tailored design. If you decide on a short veil, some great designs include a birdcage veil, blushers or a jeweled crown. For a more dramatic look, go with a full-length veil that grazes the ground while you make your grand entrance.

Choose Your Fabric

The Bridal Veil: Finding the Perfect Match for Your Wedding Dress

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While tulle is the most popular veil fabric, there are also several other options depending on your desired look. From satin to lace and silk, each fabric comes with its own pros and cons to consider when choosing the perfect fabric for your veil. If you’re going for a more budget-friendly option, tulle is a great fabric with a classic design. It will also appear lighter since it holds its form better than more expensive fabrics. For dresses with satin or lace embellishments, you may want to consider matching your veil to the fabric. These will also hang more straight because of their weight and can be accessorized easier than tulle.

Add Some Tradition

The Bridal Veil: Finding the Perfect Match for Your Wedding Dress

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Having some trouble with something “old, new, borrowed or blue” before your big day? Your veil is the perfect accessory to help with this tradition. If you choose a vintage veil or something passed down through generations, try reworking it to update the design. A great tailor should be able to bring it back to life and add any elements you desire. You can even add new embellishments as well, such as crystal beading or lace trim, to better match your dress design.

If you can’t find a veil you absolutely love, don’t be afraid to customize your own! Many designers and companies will often create one according to your needs such as dress length and embellishments. There is no perfect answer when choosing a bridal veil – it all depends on which one you love the most for your wedding day! Is all of this information overwhelming? Let us help!¬†We will show you fly-away veils to cathedral length veils to create all the bridal elegance you are looking for! Click here to book an appointment today! We will help take all of these factors into account as well as the latest wedding trends.

The Bridal Veil: Finding the Perfect Match for Your Wedding Dress