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“A true love story never ends.”

“My experience was nothing short of exciting, fun & memorable, yet relaxed at the same time. I felt NO pressure whatsoever from my bridal consultant. She made me feel that I was in the best hands possible!”

- Gina

I was born to be a business owner. In fact, my roots in entrepreneurship can be traced all the way back to middle school, when I sold my homemade chocolate suckers on campus, much to the delight of my fellow students. In high school, I was actively involved in Jr. Achievement—an after school program that required us to create and sell products. Being a native of Metro Detroit, it made perfect sense for my first product to be an ice scraper. And being a human, it was incredibly logical for my second product to be a cookie sheet. Because the world needs more cookies.

The funny thing is, as much as I embrace entrepreneurship, I’ve never embraced the traditional entrepreneurial path. Most business owners identify something they love, get some real world experience in an industry that centers on it and then launch into entrepreneurship once they have a solid chunk of experience in the field.

I’m not most people.

Prior to opening The Wedding Shoppe, I was a cash manager for a steel company headquartered in Downtown Detroit. I spent all day, every weekday moving around company money and generating dry and boring reports.  But my weekends were all about weddings. Not because I worked in the industry, but because I was in that season of life when it seems as if every person you know is getting married. And then I got married. Bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns were the topic of many conversations back then.

It was 1999. With a small savings account, some credit cards and an idea, I did what no one ever does—quit my job and opened a bridal and wedding accessories store with absolutely no experience in the wedding industry, let alone any retail experience or customers. Armed with a dream of owning my own business and my sister, Danielle—who offered to jump ship with me—The Wedding Shoppe was open for business.

In the beginning, we only sold bridal and wedding accessories. We did quite well but things really started to take off when we began selling wedding dresses and bridesmaid gowns. Unbeknownst to us at the time, we had a very different approach to customer service than many of our competitors.  We were kind! We were helpful! We listened to our brides! And we made shopping for wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses, fun! We wouldn’t have it any other way and quite frankly, we were pretty surprised to learn this wasn’t how everyone did business.

But the brides let us in on a little secret. The Wedding Shoppe was different. Very different. We made each and every bride feel comfortable, listened to and cared about while she shopped. Snobbery was never tolerated. We carried unique dresses that weren’t seen in all of the bridal magazines, on the internet and in other local bridal shops. And the brides absolutely fell in love with The Wedding Shoppe experience.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of helping more than 5,000 brides find their dream dress.  And we’ve hand-curated a team that’s a lot more like family than anything else.

All united in the same vision to deliver an unforgettable shopping experience that makes every bride feel deeply valued, appreciated and cared for, we make shopping for your wedding dress one of your most treasured memories.