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Most couples choose to get married in the warmer spring and summer seasons but there are many reasons why a winter wedding should be your top choice. Here are five advantages to choosing a winter wedding.


Many popular wedding venues can book up a year in advance in the warmer months but are easier to reserve in the winter. This increases your chances of being able to reserve your top-choice ceremony and reception venues both on the same day. They are also often more flexible on time limits for ceremonies and receptions as they are not scheduling back-to-back weddings in the same space. Here are our top choices for winter wedding venues in Michigan.


Because the demand for wedding venues and suppliers is lower in the winter, you’ll find better prices when planning a winter wedding. Many offer off-season lower rates for the colder months as well. Because you save money on vendors you can feel free to splurge on other areas of your wedding, or just save the money for honeymoon fun!


Winter Weddings in Michigan.

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If you’re lucky enough to hold your wedding in a snowy part of the country you’ll love how your wedding pictures turn out. Snowy wedding day pictures can make you feel like a princess in a winter wonderland. Of course, our Michigan location gives plenty of opportunities for those snowy shots.

Nontraditional Food

Winter weddings often feature comfort foods rather than the traditional hors-d’oeuvres of warm weather weddings. Think of soups and roasted veggies with roast beef. For a fun twist, add a hot chocolate station as well or serve mulled wine to your guests instead of a traditional bar.


Winter wedding

For many brides, the winter offers an ambiance that can’t be found in the summer months. The light of the winter months is softer and the days are shorter, making the possibility of beautiful sunset pictures more likely. If you want your wedding to feel like a cozy affair with candles and dimmed lights, a winter wedding might be just what you need.


Winter is the perfect time to plan your island getaway honeymoon and take a break from the cold. As an added bonus, if you plan your honeymoon to avoid the holiday vacationers, you’ll be able to enjoy time with your new spouse without the crowds.

Are you considering a winter wedding? Be sure to make an appointment here to stop in and let us find the perfect winter wedding dress for you!

The 6 Reasons You Should have a Winter Wedding and inspiration for planning your big day!